Powerful Moments of Peace During Protests

In all of such situations, a big group of people went going on the road to protest for their rights, regardless of whether that protest is violent or not. But despite the violence, people still wish to help one another and do act compassionately. Surprisingly, some of those protesters even found a way to reach across the riot shield wall and just offer their helping hand to another human being, whether a protester or a riot police officer. It’s so nice that even in such harsh situations, people can behave in such a humane and civilized way.

No matter our superficial differences, we are all deep down the same, human beings. I believe that images below will restore all your faith in the world and ignite the flame of hope within you for a better future of all mankind.

Christians protect Muslims as they pray during the revolution in Cairo, Egypt, 2011

Peace-Protest-02Image credits: Nevine Zaki

Kissing couple during the riots in Vancouver, Canada, 2011

Peace-Protest-03Image credits: Richard Lam