Best Nikon lenses 2018

If you’ve just bought your first Nikon DSLR or are looking to extend your Nikon kit with a new lens, the wealth of choice can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help guide you through the vast array of optics available to insure you buy the best Nikon lens for your DSLR.

We’ve split this guide into two sections. First we’ll look at the best Nikon lenses for DX format DSLRs. These are lenses suited (and in a lot of cases, specifically designed for) Nikon’s range of APS-C sensor DSLRs like the D3500D5600 and D7500. On the following page we’ll take a closer look at what are the best Nikon lenses for FX format DSLRs – Nikon’s line of full-frame cameras like the D850

With that in mind, let’s with the best lens for your Nikon DX format DSLR. Buy one of these DSLRs and they’re typically sold as a kit that comes complete with a standard zoom lens.

However, while a kit zoom lens should prove sufficient for many photographic scenarios, it’ll come up short in terms of telephoto reach for shooting action sports and wildlife. You might also find it lacks a sufficiently wide viewing angle for landscape and interior shots, and it won’t fit the bill when you need a tight depth of field to blur the background in portraiture, or for extreme close-ups in macro shooting.

The biggest bonus of any interchangeable lens camera is that you can fit the ideal glass for the job at hand, from ultra-wide zooms to super-telephoto lenses, and fast primes in between. While there are dedicated DX format lenses designed to be used with APS-C sensor cameras, sometimes FX format lenses are actually a better option, especially if you’re thinking of upgrading to full-frame at a later date.